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Commercial Pest Control Experts

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Importance of regular pest control for businesses

Pests thrive in the warm Cairns climate. As a result, you will find the little critters and crawlies in almost any part of the city, including a business environment. However, a single pest sighting can mean the end for your business.

Importance to customers

Insects and rodents carry diseases that spread through the whole business. Pests like cockroaches carry more than 33 bacteria, and parasitic worms can cause COPD. With a reputation to protect, imagine what will happen if customers discover them running about your premises? You won’t just lose a customer, but you’d be lucky if you don’t find yourself standing trial on the social media court within hours. It doesn’t end there – the health and safety compliance officer will come running down soon.

Importance to employees

Your employees deserve to work in a pest-free environment. Besides the health implications, sightings affect productivity. You have a reputation to protect as a company. If you leave them unchecked, it will disrupt your daily functions, affect business-customer relationships, and you can also face severe regulatory fines.

You need a commercial pest control company you can rely on to protect your business. As each business is unique, we provide solutions that are tailored to suit specific circumstances and objectives.

Our Commercial Pest Control Service Covers


Unlike routine management, strata managed properties require regular treatments. Because of the frequency of activities, apartments and units in close proximity can record higher pest activities. A single unit with bad hygiene practices can affect the other units and cause other occupants to complain.

We are an expert at strata pest control. We understand that property and strata managers require effective, reliable, and regular pest management. As a result, we will work with you to ensure that the properties you manage are pest-free.


Pest infestation of any kind in or around your office building can upset or distress visitors and staff. The critters can also significantly damage your equipment, supplies, wiring, and building. The failure to provide a safe working condition for your employee or make a good impression on your visitors can make you compromis employment, safety, and health laws and can result in prosecution.

We aim to help you avoid all sorts of uglies either of the sceneries above can present. Our management solution identifies and eliminates them efficiently, and prevents future infestation. Whether your business is large or small, we ensure that your premises remain hygienic, free, and adhere to safety and health legislation.

Retail Shops

You and your employees work hard every day to maintain and enhance your retail space. You do everything you can to make customers comfortable and ensure nothing prevents you from selling the items you want to sell. Sadly, a single one can undo all your hard work and drive customers from your shop.

Retail facilities are prone to infestation. The frequent opening of doors, foot traffic, and storage areas sometimes make keeping them out challenging. However, we will implement management measures to deter insects, rodents, and others. Our measures are specific and will depend on your retail facility needs. We offer high-quality and effective treatments that will solve your pest problems permanently.

Shopping Centres

A shopping centre contains different types of shops – all leased right next to each other. As expected, keeping them out of these areas will be challenging. The high volume of goods and people coming in and out of the centre exposes it to infestation.

We use an integrated pest management solution to eliminate them. We focus on early detection, control, and prevention to ensure that they don’t harass your tenants and their customers.


The rules guiding how restaurants operate have no tolerance for pests. To ensure compliance, health inspectors show up from time to time to check the environment and the management solutions restaurants take.

Don’t dread that visit from the inspector; let us help. We will work with you to ensure you are compliant anytime.

Schools and Universities

Students struggle to study in compromised classrooms. Parents also don’t want to send their students to schools struggling to contain them. If your educational establishment has unwanted insects, rodents, and others around the premises, you must deal with it as soon as possible.

We will evaluate your need to implement protections that will keep them out. We will address harborage areas, exterminate existing ones and educate students on how to keep a healthy environment to make sure they comply with all regulations.


The wrong type of extermination effort can harm children. Although everyone wants effective pest control in daycare centres, parents are more concerned about the forms of pest control you implement.

At Pro Pest Control Cairns, our methods and techniques are safe around children. We use an eco-friendly approach to remove existing pest populations and address the factors that help them thrive. Our removal methods are non-toxic, do not have an odour, and won’t harm kids.


Hotels host millions of visitors each day. As a result, you must provide a comfortable and clean environment. Our pest control programs are responsive as needed in sensitive environments. We will actively eliminate them without disrupting your daily operations or making your guests uncomfortable. Our removal systems are safe, and we will offer preventive measures so that the troublesome pests won’t return.


Many government buildings have existed for decades and even centuries. As a leader in the pest control industry, we implement safe and effective pest management solutions for government facilities. We take great pride in our work to ensure that local, state, and government buildings are safe.

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