10 Most Common Household Pests

A Guide to the Top 10 Invaders

We’ve all felt that sinking feeling after spotting a line of ants marching across our kitchen counter.

Perhaps, the frightful surprise of a cockroach scurrying out from under the couch.

Yes, we’re talking about common pests today that consistently find ways to infiltrate our homes and lives.

But you know what? You aren’t alone in this battle, and we’ve got good news for you.

At Pro Pest Control, we’ve got your back lined up with effective solutions to tackle these pesky invaders.

1. Cockroach Connoisseurs

Is there anything more nerve-wracking than turning on the kitchen light and seeing cockroaches darting around? These uninvited guests are incredibly resilient and breed rapidly. Cockroach infestation is also linked to several health hazards like asthma and allergies. But don’t fret. Maintaining cleanliness, sealing off cracks where they hide, and using suitable insecticides or calling in professionals when needed can help keep these critters at bay.

2. Eight-Legged Architects

Though spider species mostly keep to themselves and help control other annoying pests, their webs are a nuisance. They can be pretty frightful to come across unexpectedly. If you frequently find spiders making themselves at home in your space, it might be time to de-clutter as they love hiding in dark corners or unused items kept for long periods. Regular cleaning paired with strategically placed repellents should do the trick.

3. Tiny Picnic Planners

Seeing one ant may not seem like an issue until you discover that one worker ant has invited all its buddies to your “home sweet home.” Before you know it, there’s an entire colony munching away on your food crumbs hidden underneath the refrigerator or in cupboards. You can solve this by keeping a clean house, especially those hard-to-reach nooks, and employing natural deterrents like vinegar sprays or commercial ant baits if the problem persists.

4. Jumping Nuisance Hoppers

Do you cringe seeing Fido scratching frantically? Fleas are real troublemakers, not only driving our pets crazy but also invading our homes. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Regular pet treatments and vacuuming can make a world of difference. Remember that a clean home and happy pet means no fleas.

5. Buzzing Daredevils

Swatting at wasps while enjoying a nice barbeque outdoors is no joke. Let’s not forget about bees buzzing around your flower beds. While they may be helpful pollinators, their sting isn’t as sweet. You don’t need to turn your garden into no man’s land. Contacting professional pest controllers who are experts in removing adult hives and wasp nests without killing these beneficial bugs will save both, us and them. European wasps and Paper wasps are the most common species of wasps.

6. Aerial Food Critics

Flies breed in garbage, hover over rotting food and bring diseases straight to our spaces. Maintain cleanliness first and foremost. Keep those rubbish bins lid-covered at all times and don’t leave food lying around. Place fly traps near windows but remember they’re a temporary fix. For long-term peace from these aerial nuisances, consider bringing in professional help like exterminators.

7. Cheese-Thieving Acrobats

If there were an Oscar for being the most feared house pests ever, rodents would undoubtedly get nominated. These clever creatures have a knack for slipping through holes the size of a coin, contaminating food sources, and gnawing away at wires risking serious property damage. The only way to curb this problem lies in sealing potential entry points so you can cut them off right at the gate. Traps work too but it takes patience matching their wits every step of the way which can drain you emotionally as well as physically if left unattended.

8. Summer Serenade Seekers

If summer means battling hordes of them in the backyard, then it’s not a laughing matter anymore. Mosquitoes are so annoying. This common house insect can also carry diseases. Remember West Nile Virus or Malaria? Reclaim your peace by regularly disposing of standing water sources in your yard where they breed and by using repellants when outdoors especially at dusk when they’re highly active. They also feed on human blood. Thus, they cause painful bites.

9. Woodwork Whisperers

Now let’s talk about those sneaky little destructive pests. Sometimes called ‘silent destroyers’, termite infestation gnaw away at wood constructions undetected until it’s too late and damage is severe enough that reconstruction is needed instead of repair. That hurts both emotionally and financially. Prevention, however, is better than cure. Regular inspections by pest control professionals could save you immense heartache down the line.

10. Nocturnal Snuggle Snatchers

Bed bugs are silent assailants who attack when you’re asleep in bed. These pesky critters love hiding in mattresses and furniture crevices during daylight hours before coming out for a blood feast at night. Being bitten leaves nasty itchy welts making sleep impossible surely ruining any hope for a good night’s rest. Bedbug infestations can be tough to handle especially since these rascals reproduce quickly making the problem multiply. Call a professional exterminator service or utilise high-heat methods yourself.


How can I prevent pest infestation?

The best way to prevent infestations is by maintaining cleanliness around your area. Seal all potential entry points like cracks or small openings around doors or windows. Regularly dispose of garbage as it attracts pests. However, if there’s an existing infestation call in professionals to handle it.

If I have pets at home will they affect my chances of getting rid of insect pests?

Not necessarily, a wide range of pest control measures are safe for pets if followed correctly. It’s best to discuss your concerns with a professional pest control service that can guide you on the precautions to take during treatment situations when pets are around.

Why won’t regular cleaning keep pests away?

Good question. Even though regular cleaning reduces food sources for pests significantly, it doesn’t entirely eliminate them because they can thrive off very tiny quantities of food and water often invisible to human eyes.


Fighting creepy critters can feel like a never-ending uphill struggle.

Especially if you’re trying to handle it all on your own.

With professional pest controllers by your side, you’re stronger than any type of pest issue that dares cross your path.

So always remember that you’re not alone in this fight.