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There are more than 3,500 mosquito species in the world. So, it should come as no surprise that we have a lot of them in Cairns. Apart from wide distribution, the perfect climatic condition and unsanitary home practices make it challenging to keep mosquitoes out. Sadly, these annoying hummers transmit infections to animals and humans, and their bites can cause various skin irritations.

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How we treat


How do you know what species of mosquitoes you have in your house? How can you identify the entryways and determine what attracts them to your house? This is why we carry out a mosquito inspection. When you call us to your property, we perform an initial assessment in the form of an inspection to determine the extent of the infestation. After accurately determining what we are dealing with, we will proceed to use the most effective control means and methods.


At Pro Pest Control Cairns, we prefer low impact approaches for mosquito elimination. In other words, treatments that are safe for the environment and everyone’s health. For example, we can simply adopt means that will disrupt the mosquito life cycle. We can also suggest you use screens, remove mosquito breeding sites, and limit your exposure.

On habitat removal, we will locate any factor that contributes to how they flourish and eliminate them. Apart from this, we will consider using natural enemies like fishes, birds, spiders, etc. In places where we can’t drain standing liquid. The general idea is to keep their population at the barest minimum or discourage entry into your homes.


Our low-impact approaches are only best for a mild mosquito case. For a full-fledged infestation, we will use mosquito control pesticides. These are available in powder, liquid, and granular formulations, and are safe to use around humans, pets, and the environment. We can also install controlled foggers, an outdoor misting system, and aerosol sprays that won’t affect the environment.


Our technicians will provide tips to help you prevent a mosquito infestation. Most of the tips will revolve around general cleanliness and hygiene. On our path, we will set up monitoring systems and provide necessary materials to ensure a protected environment.

Why are they considered pests?

Mosquitoes lay their eggs and breed in almost any source of standing water. Some species can even lay eggs in dry places and wait for a flood. Depending on the species, they can breed just once a year or continuously.

They are a major public health threat as they transmit different human diseases. For example, mosquitoes are vectors or carriers of diseases like the West Nile virus, chikungunya, Zika virus, dengue fever, encephalitis, malaria, filariasis, yellow fever, ross river and other conditions for mosquito borne diseases.

Most mosquitoes lay up to 100 eggs per raft, which hatches within a few days. For species that lay eggs in semi-dry places, the eggs can lay dormant for more than 3 years until the site is flooded. The entire growth stage of a mosquito population takes 10-14 days, and adult females live for 1-2 months, while males live for only 7 days.

Mosquito bites can cause itchiness and redness. Although they can survive on nectar and honeydew, they require blood for egg-laying and reproduction, as it offers protein and iron.

Common species in the city

Queensland is home to more than 220 species. The common ones are:

  • Aedes notoscriptus or container-breeding mosquitoes
  • Culex annulirostris or freshwater-breeding mosquitoes
  • Aedes vigilax or saltmarsh mosquitoes
  • Aedes aegypti

Common signs of infestation

  • Frequent bites and scratching at night
  • Constant buzzing sound
  • Sightings over food, in shaded areas of your home, or around you in the evening
  • Standing water on your property

Treatment tips and advice

  • Drain holes in tyres used for swings and garden surrounds to allow water drain from them.
  • Empty standing water out of plastic covers, toys, old tyres, etc. Where mosquitoes can breed
  • Fill tree hollows and temporary pools with dirt or sand.
  • Overturn dinghies and boats or remove the drain plug.
  • Use cap brick walls made of cavity bricks to prevent water from pooling in the walls.
  • Create a free zone between your home and any surrounding thick vegetation
  • Keep the lawn mowed short and mosquito-repellent plants like lavender, marigold, etc.
  • Screen all openings to wells, tanks, and other large water containers.
  • Use screens on doors, vents, chimneys.
  • Regularly clean your gutter and drains.


  • How often should I treat my property for mosquitoes?

It depends on various variables, including surface treated, humidity, temperature, and control methods used.

  • Is the treatment effective against other pests?

Our primary target is adult mosquitoes. However, some treatments can also work on ticks, fleas, and flies.

  • What can I do to limit breeding sites in my yard?

Remove any pot plant trays, palm fronds, or other items that allow water to collect and provide mosquito breeding hollows with dirt. Drill holes in the bottoms of any containers left outside to allow drainage and prevent standing water.

  • How can I protect my home from mosquitoes entering?

Install wire gauze screens on all doors to prevent infected visitors from tropical climates from bringing mosquitoes inside. Ensure proper air movement in the home by using fans and opening windows when possible.

  • What kind of repellent works best against mosquitoes?

Spatial repellents that diffuse chemicals throughout an area are very effective at keeping yards and patios mosquito-free. Topical repellents on exposed skin also provide good protection when mosquitoes are active.

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