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Do you want to get rid of termites without hassle? Take the fight to them in the ground begore they can reach and destroy your property.

Termites are active and silent killers that can potentially cause thousands of dollars in repair. They mostly access properties by travelling through the ground from a nest that could be hundreds of metres away. Termites build mud tunnels into your home and can squeeze through small gaps for food and water.

Here at Pro Pest Control Cairns, our licensed and qualified technicians provide comprehensive termite management with baiting systems.

Our monitoring and baiting systems double as a termite detection and treatment system. The stations detect termite activities in the ground around the building and in other areas of the property where we suspect termite activities. Then, the termite bait eliminates an entire nest, whether inside or outside the building.

Pro Pest Control Cairns uses Sentricon, Trelona, and Exterra termite baiting systems.

Sentricon® | The No. 1 Bait System for Termite Control


Sentricon termite bait station is a standalone termite solution for killing termites in an environmentally-friendly way. It eliminates subterranean termite colonies without drilling into the home’s foundation. Sentricon is the only termite baiting system awarded the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. The product is also backed by more than 30 independent and 60 scientific research studies.


The Trelona ATBS bait station features an advanced bait matrix that contains revolutionary termite bait technology. Termites find the bait palatable, and the system itself is designed to work with the Termidor range of products, requiring less bait for complete colony elimination.

Trelona® Termite Bait System (ATBS)


Exterra bait stations use a unique closed and locked monitoring design to trap and kill termites. The station is available in above-ground and in-ground designs for use inside and outside your property.

EXTERRA Termite Bait Stations

Using termite bait to eliminate termites inside a property 

If your home is already under termite attack, we can still protect it with our baiting systems. However, the first step is to spray live termites with Termidor. After treating active termites inside the building, we can proceed to install baits in places where termites are currently feeding.

Above-ground bait stations can be installed outside the soil in places termites will find. When termites feed on the bait, they will take it back to the nest and feed other colony members, killing the colony in a few weeks. The time it requires to get results depends on the species present, time of the year, level of activity, and the size of the nest.

Using termite baits outside a property 

We use in-ground bait stations to control termites outside a building. After eliminating the ones inside your property, we proceed to install a termite management system to prevent future attacks. We do this so that we don’t leave your home vulnerable to attacks. Treating the inside of a property without installing a management system will only improve the problem for a while.

Our traditional termite baiting system consists of a plastic bait station we install into the ground. We install the station at least 20 feet apart, and we can have as much as 20 in a yard. Bait stations function best in potential termite hotspots on a property.

Bait stations contain cellulose termites love. We mix it with Termidor – a slow-acting chemical that spreads by ingestion and contact. Once termites discover the station, they will make it an active food source and will transport the bait back to the station for other colony members to feed on. Foraging termites will also leave trails that other termites can pick up.

After feeding on the bait, infected termites become carriers. Termidor unique transfer effect to spread by contact and ingestion. This means that each infected termite will pass the virus to another colony member. The cycle will continue until all the colony members are infected, killing the entire nest in a few weeks.

How They Work / Monitoring

  • Termite bait stations are safe for humans, pets, and the environment. The active ingredient is not systemic. Therefore, plants won’t absorb it. The design also lets us seal it shut and requires a key to open. As a result, kids can play beside it.
  • After installing the bait station, we will need to regularly inspect it every 6 weeks or three months to track the detection of termite activities. If we discover termites, we will add Termidor to the station. Then, when termites start feeding on the bait, they will transport it back to the colony and doom the entire nest.
  • We will constantly monitor the bait level to ensure the station does not run out of bait. So that termites won’t turn their attention away from the station, we will replenish the bait at intervals.


Can you Refill them yourself?

No, you cannot. Only a professional should handle the bait station, termiticide, and it’s installation.

How much does installation cost?

The cost depends on the property size and the number of installations needed. Call us for a free quote.

Are there ongoing fees?

The only fee is the cost of replenishing the bait station with more bait.


Installation of a termite baiting system typically costs between $2000-$3000 for an average lowset 3-4 bedroom home. Annual maintenance costs anywhere from $300 to $1000.

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