How Often Do You Need Pest Control?

When to Schedule Pest Treatments

How Often Do You Need Pest Control?

Getting pest control solutions on a regular basis is important to keep your home free of critters. But how often should you get pest control?

The quick answer is that most pest control companies recommend treatments every 3 months as a general rule of thumb. However, the ideal frequency of pest control can vary depending on factors like:

  • Pest types
  • Severity of infestation
  • Your location
  • Season and climate
  • Preventative vs treatment

So below we’ll break down how these factors impact how often you may need professional pest control service.

Why Quarterly Pest Control?

Most pest professionals recommend routine preventative treatments quarterly or so. Why this timeframe?

Pests breed rapidly

Many household pests can rapidly lay hundreds of eggs that hatch into adults in weeks. Treating regularly stops this lifecycle.

Prevention is better

Getting treatments done regularly as a preventative barrier is more effective than letting unwanted guests establish than trying treatments.

Covers pest lifecycles

Cover their breeding cycles so new generations don’t have time to reach infestation levels between treatments.

So while exact needed frequency depends on your scenario, quarterly or bi-monthly treatments is a good baseline recommendation to stop them gaining foothold.

Factors That Impact Pest Control Frequency

While quarterly treatments are the “standard” recommendation, below are some key factors that can influence how often pest control is needed:

1. Location

  • Rural regions face higher pest exposure – wildlife, bushlands
  • Coastal areas see more seasonal pests – midges, sandflies
  • Apartments can share pests with neighbours – cockroaches through pipes

So consider your location and surrounding environments. More exposed regions may need more frequent visits.

2. Age of Property

Older home buildings often need more frequent treatments because it has more cracks and crevices for pests to hide.

The older the home, the more gaps exist for pests. New builds may allow you to go longer between treatments.

3. Type of Pest Problem

Some pests warrant more vigilant control:

Cockroaches – hard to control, breed rapidly – monthly to quarterly services

Fleas – fast breeding lifecycles – 2 week follow-up treatments

Spiders – seasonal or perimeter sprays as-needed – more than half a year

So more stubborn pests need more attention. Choose services to suit the pest issue.

4. Severity of Infestation

For mild issues:

  • Start with one-off treatment then reassess need
  • Move to preventative timetable if signs of activity persist

For major infestations:

  • Initial intensive treatment – strong chemicals, heat etc
  • Follow up treatments every 2-4 weeks until under control
  • Ongoing quarterly solutions to hold back reinfesting

Don’t underestimate seemingly “small” infestations – seek treatment from pest controller quickly before major colonies establish.

5. Pest Control Method Used

Treatment methods also impact reapplication frequency needs:

Surface sprays – residual chemicals last ~3 months

Dusts – long lasting in undisturbed spaces – 6+ months

Baits/traps – replace periodically until activity controlled

Heat – generally one off intensive treatment – reapply if reinfestation

So more intensive way may buy you longer protection periods between treatments.

When Should You Get Pest Control? Key Timing Advice

  • Late summer/early autumn – target pests before nest founding season
  • Spring – get protectant sprays before pests active
  • 2 weeks after house move – encase belongings brought new invaders
  • Around landscaping and renovations – disturb hidden nests
  • Post flooding or other weather conditions – displaced wildlife and unwanted pests seek shelter
  • Return from holidays – target any infestations in your absence
  • During sale/purchase – protect property transactions

When to Schedule Pest Treatments


How often should you spray for cockroaches?

For German or smokybrown cockroaches, treatments every 4-6 weeks are ideal, reducing to 8-12 weeks once infestations are under control. Tackle neighbouring units too.

When should you spray for ants?

Target ant infestation 2-4 weeks before peak seasons: late summer for Argentine ants, spring for green ants. Perimeter spray paths leading to your home. Removed food and water sources too.

How often to treat spiders?

Funnel webs warrant urgent single treatments. Other spiders can be left or use surface sprays or dusts lasting over half a year on entry points and gardens.

How long does pest control treatment last?

Depends on pest and approach used. Surface sprays typically 3-6 months; dusts offer 6-12 month protection. Monitor for continued activity.

How much does pest control cost on average?

For a typical 3 bedroom home, expect to pay $80-$250 for internal and external treatments. Severe infestations cost more for intensive initial treatment.


As you can see pest control frequencies vary significantly, however quarterly/bi-monthly preventative treatments are a good general rule.

Monitor your property and tweak according to seasons, bug types and infestation levels. Staying vigilant keeps common pests away long term.

Reach out to discuss with our pest control expert your specific needs. We are happy to advise to keep your home or business pest free.