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Protect your most valuable assets -your home, from Termite attack. Termidor termite protection comes with a $2 million assurance warranty and guarantees the absolute best protection from termites.

If you or any member of your family discover termites inside or outside your property, don’t disturb them. They will only relocate to a new site and tracking them becomes more difficult. Instead, contact Pro Pest Control Cairns.

When it comes to using a chemical barrier, most home and business property owners ask if it is worth using Termidor. Even though more than 4 million homeowners currently use Termidor to protect their homes, some are still sceptical about its safety and usefulness.


  • Should you use Termidor to repel and kill termites? Yes, you should.
  • Can you use Termidor around kids and pets? Yes, you can.
  • Is Termidor safe for the environment? Yes, it is.

What is Termidor?

Termidor termiticide is an established defence system against termites. Nothing works better or delivers more reliable termite protection. Available in two variants, Termidor uses state-of-the-art molecular technology to deliver the active ingredient into the soil. This creates an enhanced protection system around the area where it stays relevant for up to 8 years.

Termidor uses a unique “transfer effect” for infecting and eliminating termites. The chemical contains Termidor Fipronil – an active agent that works by contact and ingestion. When we apply Termidor to bait stations or as a chemical barrier, any termite that feeds on it or crosses the treated zone automatically becomes a carrier.

Because of its unique transfer effect and slow-acting mechanism, termites won’t die instantly upon contact or consumption. Instead, they will transfer the chemical by ingestion or contact, passing it from termite to termite as the journey back to the nest. This effect will continue until the entire nest is infected. It will ultimately wipe out the entire colony in a few weeks.

Anything Else? 

Different options

Termidor is available in two different options – Termidor SC and Termidor HE. Termidor HE is an improved version of Termidor SC. It contains advanced polymer technology that distributes active ingredients vertically and horizontally in the soil. On the other hand, Termidor SC is cheaper, but it requires more labour and closer injection sites.

$2 million warranty

In an ideal condition, a single Termidor application will last up to 8 years. It is also non-toxic for humans, pets, and the environment. To prove this point, BASF offers a conditional $2 million assurance warranty on Termidor. However, the condition is that it must be installed by an accredited applicator as per the Australian Standards AS3660.2.

Termidor backs Pro Pest Control Cairns as one of their few accredited applicators. Our teamwork with the Queensland Health PMT license and QBC license ensure the best installation and protection for your home and business.

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