Frequently Asked Questions

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How much damage do termites cause? 

Termites cost homeowners an average of $10,000 in damages. 1 in 4 homes will eventually fall to termite attack and destruction during its lifecycle.

Is monthly pest control necessary? 

It depends on various factors like the location of your home or business, the type of pest control you require, and the time of the year. If you live in a high-risk area with high pest activity, you may require pest control every two months. If not, then maybe once in six months or a year. Call us over for an inspection and we will come up with a pest management plan for you.

How long does a visit take? 

The amount of time depends on the type of pest and the level of inspection. Most inspections take a few hours.

Is there a do-it-yourself solution? 

Not as far as handling termiticide or insecticide and controlling an infestation is concerned. The only thing you can do is practice healthy management tips to keep your home pest-free. For example, you can clean clutter, check things before bringing them into your home, wash the dishes, etc. That is as far as it goes. When it comes to inspecting for signs of the pest, handling insecticides or live spraying, putting up a barrier or baiting stations, you can’t do it yourself. Leave it to the professional to guarantee safe and effective results.

Do you offer pet-friendly programs? 

Our insecticides, methods, and techniques are safe for pets. Not only pets, but it is also safe for kids. We apply insecticides at low concentrations, strong enough to kill insects but harmless to people and pets. If we need you to leave the premises for a couple of hours while we work, we will let you know in advance.

Do you treat every property the same way? 

No, we don’t. At Pro Pest Control Cairns, we plan use specific pest management programs tailored to meet each customer’s needs.

How quickly can your pest control team arrive at my business or home? 

We will be at your property faster than you can think. Pro Pest Control Cairns stresses the importance of transparency between ourselves and customers. We are easy to reach, and we will promptly arrive at your business.

Will rain wash away pest control? 

No, it rarely will. Snow or rain can affect the optimization of pest control service since it affects how pests react. However, our methods are designed to work in extreme weather conditions.

How long after pest control is it safe to come home?

Leave a 1-4 hour window before continuing your normal activities. We will tell you how long the products we use will dry before we leave your property.

I hear noise from within the walls, basement, and attic. Could there be pests nesting in my home? 

Pests prefer warm, dark, and moist areas. Inside the walls, basement, and attic are perfect places where pests nest. Our professional pest control team will examine your home to find characteristics or indicators of termite presence.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more questions about pest control and our pest control service.