Termite Reticulation System

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Termite Reticulation Systems Cairns

Termite reticulation system installed on residential and commercial properties in Cairns provides the ultimate solution to the problem of constantly replenishing termite chemical barrier around a property. Here at Pro Pest Control Cairns, our technicians use specialized equipment and pumps to provide ongoing protection from termites in the form of a reticulation system.

What is a termite reticulation system? 

A termite reticulation system is a network of underground piping positioned around a home or business complex to provide ongoing protection from termites. Once laid, we inject the pipes with chemicals from where it is slowly dispersed into the soil to repel and kill termites.

A reticulation system works for new and existing properties. Unlike normal chemical applications to the soil, the reticulation system ensures even distribution in the soil. It also significantly decreases the risk of exposure to chemicals being pumped after construction.

How it is installed 

The best practice is to install the reticulation line before pouring concrete. However, we can still trench around your property and fill them after the installation.

Our trained technicians will trench around the perimeter of your home or business property and chemically treat the slab footings. Then, we backfill the soil to a point of about 50-100 millimetres below the finishing level and install the reticulation hose.

The reticulation hose is a flexible but strong pipe that is evenly spaced throughout at approximately 200 mm intervals. Each hose comes with a stop end and fill point, and the holes help us replenish the barrier efficiently and in a less disruptive way.

Then, we connect the pump to a high-powered chemical pump and treat it at high pressure. The holes in the reticulation hose allow the chemicals to flow evenly through the soil.

Here at Pro Pest Control Cairns, we use Termidor as the chemical for our reticulation systems. Termidor has an exceptionally longer life expectancy than most chemicals on the market.

Termite Reticulation High Pressure Guage

Advantages of termite reticulation

  • We can install it for new and existing homes.
  • The system is not harmful to plants, pets, and humans
  • Even chemical distribution within the ground.
  • Decreases exposure to chemicals since we cover it after construction
  • Replaces unsightly excavation and drilling through concrete, tiles, etc.
  • Saves time and recharge costs since we don’t need to drill to re-treat your property.
  • There is no need to make special accommodation while constructing your home.
  • Installation complies with Australian Standards
  • A flexible and strong hose that can last for up to 8 years.

Termite Reticulation Refilling High Pressure Pump

How it is refilled

After installing the reticulation system, we will come back to refill it at yearly intervals. During any of the visits, we will simply connect our chemical pump to the reticulation system and treat it at high pressure. The entire process is easy, fast, and saves cost. It is also labour-intensive and eco-friendly.


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