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White Ant Control Cairns

Out of the over 12,000 different ant species, only a few pose a significant threat to a home – white ants inclusive. White ants are different from fire ants, black ants, carpenter ants, and other types of ants. The reason is that they are not true ants. Also referred to as termites, white ants can destroy a building and cost homeowners thousands in damages.

Research has shown that there are two types of home structures in Cairns – one that has already been invaded and one that is yet to be invaded by termites. Apart from this, we know that 1 in 3 Cairns homes will fall to termite attacks over its lifespan. So, if you don’t have white ants yet, it means one of your neighbours do.

At Pro Pest Control Cairns, we are experts at safely killing and removing termites. We adopted a professional approach, and our technicians guarantee safe applications that won’t harm you or the environment.

How we treat


The Australian government recommends annual termite inspections to ensure early detection of their activities. During a termite inspection, our inspectors will cover various parts of your home for possible termite entryways and signs of activities. We use various tools like Termatrac, moisture metres, thermal imaging, etc. To inspect and check for signs of termite activities. Our inspection covers:

  • Outside: Dead trees and stumps, garden beds, under the house, trusses, soil areas, skylights and vents.
  • Inside: timber cabinet, door jambs, roof voids, architraves, floorboards, ceilings, and floors.


If we discover live white ants during the inspection, we will immediately spray them with a termiticide like Termidor. After the initial treatment, we can adopt any of our management solutions depending on your property needs. Some popular treatments we use include:

  • Physical and chemical termite barrier: we install a physical barrier before construction to seal entryways in advance. For example, we apply sealants and install metal sheets in the foundation to keep out subterranean termites. We also combine it with chemical barriers that repel and kill termites for absolute protection.
  • Termite reticulation system: We use reticulation systems in places where we can’t dig to distribute chemicals within the soil around your building. The chemical forms a protective zone within the soil that repels and kills termites.
  • Bait stations: we use in-ground and above-ground bait stations to lure white ants to their deaths. We mix a slow-acting termiticide like Termidor with an attractant in stations all over your property. Then, white ants feed on the bait, transport it back to the colony, and kill every pest in the nest.


The goal of our treatment is to ensure the complete extermination of the ant colony. At Pro Pest Control Cairns, we use slow-acting chemicals that work by contact and ingestion. After picking up the chemical, whether by crossing a barrier or eating a bait, a carrier will spread it throughout the nest until all the nest is infected and destroyed in a few weeks.

Why are they considered pests?

White ants eat anything that contains cellulose. Although they mostly live in wood, they can travel from a distant colony to your building in search of food and a nest in your home. As a result, they cost homeowners an average of $10,000 in damages. Although white ants don’t pose a direct health risk, they can significantly compromise your building’s structural integrity and cost you money.

The termite queen lays more than 40,000 eggs per day. She also has the longest lifespan and can live for up to 50 years. In essence, it takes only two white ants to turn your building upside down.

Common species in the city

  • Subterranean termites
  • Dry wood termites

Common signs of infestation

  • Swammers or flying termites
  • Tunnels in wood
  • Discarded wings or frass
  • Windows that are hard to open
  • Damaged timber
  • Clicking sound like a typewriter from inside the wood
  • The smell of mould, mildew, or rotting timber.

Treatment tips and advice

  • Remove dead trees, stumps, and firewood from your compound
  • Only use treated wood for your fence
  • Don’t make building alterations that affect your termite barriers
  • Don’t let bushes, trees, and climbing plants grow against your house
  • Reduce leaks from watering systems and outdoor taps
  • Drain water from rain runoff and air conditioning away from the side of your house.
  • Repair leaking taps and pipes
  • Don’t plant trees with strong roots near your home, as termites can use them as accessways
  • Keep humidity low in subfloor areas
  • Keep the lights off or use lights that won’t attract insects during a termite swarm.
  • Use door and window screens to prevent entry
  • Call us if you spot a live termite.


  • What is a termite swarm?

A termite swarm is when winged termites take flight to start new colonies. It occurs in the spring of the year on warm days after rain.

  • Can I claim home insurance on termites?

No, you cannot, as a home insurance policy doesn’t cover termite damages.

  • How quickly can termites infest your house?

Termites can move on the same day if they discover a large amount of wood and food source.

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