What Causes the Increased Pest Activity During the Summer

Summer: A Season of Heightened Pest Activity

Have you been finding more pests around your home now that it’s warmer?

You’re not alone in this struggle.

At Pro Pest Control Cairns, we’ve noticed a surge in pesky critters in warmer months.

This article aims to answer the question: “Why are pests more active during summer?” and offer insight on how to deal with it.

1. Increase in Heat and Humidity

The mercury rises up and guess who loves that? Yup, our unsolicited winged or wriggly guests. What happens is simple. Extreme heat and moisture create an ideal environment for pests and stinging insects to thrive. It’s like they hit their sunny vacation spot inside our homes. Don’t you envy them just a bit? Maybe not, but understanding this can help us better anticipate & tackle pest invasions.

2. Access to food and water

Warmer temperatures often mean BBQ parties, picnics, or simply having meals outdoors. Our leftovers and availability of food sources are like open buffets for these fellas. Also, warm months tend to dry out many natural sources of water outside making our houses a lavish retreat offering both cool liquids and delicious meals.

3. More Reproduction

No one likes to talk about pest love life but it’s true. When the temperature escalates so do pest reproduction rates. Quite enthralling, isn’t it? So those few bugs find each other pretty attractive when the thermostat climbs up and you’ve got an entire minuscule community partying under your roof.

4. Longer Daylight Hours

One of the reasons is that during summers, days are longer and nights are shorter which gives pests like bugs more time to be active. These critters don’t need a lot of sleep. So they flourish in the extended daylight hours. Now, while we can’t control the rotation of Earth around the Sun, there are some strategies we can implement.

5. Increased Outdoor Activities

Since we participate in many outdoor activities during summer months this naturally draws pests towards us. People would go out on BBQs, swimming parties or just lounging around in our backyards. Pests such as ants may think they’re invited to your family picnic. They are attracted by food smells and human activity.

6. Increased Moisture

Summer isn’t just characterised by heat. it also brings humidity and higher moisture levels and human body temperature. Prime conditions for insects like cockroaches and silverfish who thrive in damp environments. Unfortunately for us, this is an ideal breeding ground.

7. Hitchhiking

Ever notice how these pests seem to pop up out of nowhere during warm weather? One minute you’re basking in the glorious sun and the next minute there are ants parading around your picnic snacks. It’s like they hitch a ride on everything that moves. The reason behind this sneaky behaviour lies in their yearning for survival. You see, unlike us humans who can just turn on the air conditioning when things get too hot; bugs and pests need to find cooler environments to chill out.

8. Pest Biology and Behavior

Did you know that high temperatures actually speed up pest metabolism rates? In essence, warmth acts like caffeine does on us. Pumping us up with extra energy and enthusiasm. This results in them eating more, reproducing more rapidly, being generally more active, and having longer life cycles during summer months. Not exactly what we want to happen under our roofs or within our backyard havens.

9. Increased Daylight

Hand in hand with higher temps comes longer daylight hours which give pests more time to roam around doing pesky things. So instead of moving about discreetly under the cloak of night as they do other times of the year, summer allows insects like mosquitoes extended flight hours to prowl about biting unsuspecting humans like yourself.

10. Summer Showers

Ever noticed how a warm summer shower hatches an army of flies overnight? That’s because standing water from rain is like a maternity ward for flies. The more it rains in the hot weather, the more ideal conditions these buggers get to multiply.

Common Types of Pests Active During Summer

1. Flies

Nothing steals your appetite faster than these unwelcome guests circling your grilled treats. Nuisance is one thing. But are you aware of the harmful diseases they might carry too? Flies and fruit flies pose a serious health risk that you’d rather not dismiss. But there are several proven methods to keep them away. Fly strips can be very effective or try installing UV light traps. They’re great if used correctly.

2. Mosquitoes

Apart from ruining our peaceful moonlit evenings and leaving us with itchy welts on our skins, mosquitoes also transfer dreadful diseases such as dengue and malaria. You’ll be relieved to know there are plenty of inexpensive solutions for warding them off from getting under your skin. Specifically designed candles or lanterns using citronella oil work wonders in repelling them. Just place it around your outdoor areas.

3. Cockroaches

Nothing screams “pest trouble” louder than an army of scavenger cockroaches invading your homes during this season. These nocturnal nuisances often search for warmth and moisture hence why they love the kitchen sink area so much. Ensure that food scraps are promptly cleaned up and bins sealed tightly. A clean, dry kitchen is the least welcoming place for a cockroach.

4. Rodents

Summer is their active season because food resources are abundant, making it easy for them to make themselves at home inside yours. Trap placement and rodent-proofing will generally do the job here. And if things get way too serious, professional exterminators are always on standby to provide more effective solutions.

5. Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps’ increased activity during summer can be quite bothersome when you want nothing more than a peaceful afternoon in your garden. Try replacing sugary drinks with clear-lidded containers outside or use natural repellents such as peppermint oil around entertaining areas. Install bee or wasp traps in quieter corners of your garden where exploratory sips won’t venture next time bringing both peace to you and safety to our much-needed pollinators’.

Prevention and Control Strategies for Summer Pests

1. Seal Entry Points

Now here’s your first line of defense. Check your house for cracks or holes that could be an all-access VIP pass for unwanted guests, like insects or rodents. A thorough screening job and some gap-sealing can make a world of difference.

2. Keep Your House Clean

It might sound like basic home hygiene but cleanliness is often underrated when it comes to pest control service. Debris or leftover food attracts pests unerringly so let’s wrap those crumbs up and pay extra attention to our kitchens.

3. Promptly Manage Your Waste

Bins brimming with garbage could be a feast-calling card for critters. Regular trash disposal and keeping waste bins sealed when not in use can significantly deter unwelcome visitations.

4. Moisture Control

Insects love moisture-laden environments. They might as well hang out at beach parties instead. To deny them this luxury at your home. Fix any water leaks promptly, maintain a dry atmosphere, and try using dehumidifiers or indoor plants if needed.

5. Professional Help

This is quite resourceful especially when things get out of hand despite your efforts or you’re dealing with more insidious invaders like termites or bed bugs.


Pests can indeed turn our summers into one long horror movie rerun.

But knowing why they’re more active during this season allows us to appropriately prepare and respond.

Our homes are our summer retreats too, after all.

By adhering to these simple preventive strategies, you can enjoy a pest-free summer that’s all about solace and comfort.

However, if the pests are as stubborn as the summer heat and continue to pester you, don’t shy away from calling in professionals.

They’ll have your back armed with their bug-busters and rodent repellents.